At the core of any truly successful organization are people who feel safe, empowered and connected.

Is that true for you? Does your team feel there is genuine trust? Are they empowered?

With deep commitment, passion and 35 years of expertise, I bring Innovation, Purpose and Action to individuals, teams, organizations and communities.

As an Executive, my holistic approach, executive lens and 360 style is my success-formula. I have attended various high-level core leadership programs at dozens of platinum organizations. I have dedicated decades to personal development, technical trainings and specialty workshops all over the country. The diversity of my years as CEO of Energy Company 360 and 26 years in executive local government has brought special insights and significant opportunities. My strengths and successes range from the dynamics of politics to developing resilient communities.




  • 360 All In
  • Empowerment
  • Influences
  • Innovative Management
  • Leadership
  • Manage through Mindfulness
  • POP Goals
  • Purpose Driven Teams
  • Proximity Matters
  • Trust Teams
  • Values
  • Walk in Truth


Corporate Events | Group Gatherings | Private Sessions | Team Trainings | Retreats | Workshops

Sessions available on Skype, phone or in person. Special rates available for small businesses and veterans. Complementary initial 30-minute discussion session. My team and I look forward to customizing a plan to meet the specific needs and goals for you and your organization.