Dimensional Wellness

I am a dimensional wellness and fitness coach who has dedicated over 80,000 hours to the various elements of growth and well-being for myself, teammates, communities, clients, friends and family. With passion, boundless creative energy and intuition I believe in serving others through my gift of healing.

Studies have revealed that Wellness programs have been shown to provide a 300% return on investment for individuals and businesses. We all know that self-care is essential for longevity and a better quality of life. It’s the foundation of life.

Embark on your dreams

Never be unaligned with your truth

Embrace and heed your inner voice

Reflect, restore, resolve

Grow a healthy supportive community around you

Yin and Yang energies, maintain a balance of the two

My Energy is my core. It's my source of power and my higher place. It's the air I breathe, the feelings I feel and the quiet all-knowing inner voice that pushes and guides me. It's where my deep creativity comes from, my passion to serve others and where I find direction and purpose. The best news is that we all have this unstoppable, positive, higher vibration that is unique to each of us and we each possess the ability to tap into this frequency at any given moment.

Tune in and tap into Your Energy today!


  • Body Sculpting
  • Dimensional Wellness
         Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental
  • Fulfillment
  • Goddess Within
  • Meditation
  • Power UP
  • Self-Care
  • Walk and Talk
  • Yin Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra


Corporate Events | Group Gatherings | Private Sessions | Team Trainings | Retreats | Workshops

Sessions available on Skype, phone or in person. Special rates available for small businesses and veterans. Complementary initial 30-minute discussion session. My team and I look forward to customizing a plan to meet the specific needs and goals for you and your organization.